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    Sustainability Partnerships Provides Tools, Resources & Funding Programs for Social & Environmental Responsibility Click here for more info

    Rudy Ekkawi - Jacksonville Florida

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    My PROJECT is to empower the homeless! Click here for more info

    Shari Rightmer - Taft California

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  • dan-young

    Dan’s PROJECT is to contribute & convert his 300 acre farm in Springflield Illinois into an organic community destination Click here for more info

    Dan Young - Springfield Illinois

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  • hridoy-mominul

    WOW this is wonderful!  My PROJECT is to assist as technical & software developer for Sustainability Partnerships Click here for more info

    Hridoy Mominul - Bangladesh

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    Contagus is a Sustainability Smart Phone GPS APP for Discounts & Fundraising – Type any product or service into search box to locate nearest Discount & Rewards Vendor. Click here for more info

    Contagus - Local & Nation Wide

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  • stevesande

    Steve’s PROJECT is to support self sustaining cooperative communities by using CrowdFunding Cooperative as a means to fund organic farm communities as destinations Click here for more info

    Steve Sande - St Albert, Alberta

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  • G-725A

    The G7 catalyst is an exciting breakout in the growing healthy water industry. Research shows that water from different areas have distinct characteristics. The G7 helps ALL water improve beneficial factors for everything & everybody. Click here for more info

    G7water.com - California - World Wide

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  • AbinPsychobillySmall

    My Project is based on Democratic Economics, (one worker one vote), and environmentally safe business practices. Click Here for More Info

    Abin - Connecticut

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    Ecos World is an amazing PROJECT for a children’s GREEN Edutainment television Click here for more info

    ECOS WORLD - Los Angeles CA

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  • ProfessorAlanTratner

    Profesor Alan Tratner is still a pioneer of many green projects including projects with NASA. Click here to read more about his amazing eco work since the early 70’s

    Profesor Alan Tratner -

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  • SustainabilityPartnershipsKenyaAfrica
    My PROJECT is in Kenya Africa CLICK HERE for more info, It’s to improve the quality of life of the orphans and vulnerable children by establishing a permanent home, school and health care center for them.
    Sima Community Based Organization - Kenya Africa

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    BarnFeet is creating a sustainable community with an agricultural foundation & training facility, in a fully operational and functional Eco village environment. Focusing on Natural building/Bamboos/Agro forestry, Small Cottage Industries, etc.  Click here for more information
    BarnFeet -

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  • MatthewSmall
    My project will create an educational Permaculture style “food forest” garden with an outdoor classroom at our new park and community center located right next to the local elementary school. Click here for more information
    Berry Creek Educational Garden Project  -

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