All Celebrities Invited! To Raise $1Billion

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Dearest Celebrity,

B$B invite’s you to help fund your own favorite cause or charity via our Fun and Private Billion Dollar Breakfast.

We organized & are marketing a quiet yet fun semi-annual breakfast to raise funds for your favorite causes; including education, housing, food, children, elderly, rehab programs, and any positive service towards humanity and planet.


  • Security and Safety is up-most priority
  • Your fans will register in our contest and donate $1+ or any amount that they are comfortable with.
  • Celebrities will enjoy breakfast with winning fan, and B$B will hand Celebrity two checks totaling 100% of donations over breakfast, as a great way to start the day.

I pray you feel the warmth from our heart to your’s and I await your esteemed response at your convenience.

B$B Staff and Partners
Office (310) 601-8616

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6531 Van Nuys Boulevard #3582 Van Nuys California, 91407

(310) 598-0316