WANTED – VP and Regional Community Developers to Make the World a Better Place for yourself and 99%ers! Includes Attractive Compensation Package


Compensation & Incentives Package Includes Training & Support:

  1. Unlimited Profit Sharing based on Personal Production
    • 10% Profit Sharing for approved equity partners
    • 25% Profit Sharing for Self Service Subscribers (for life of contact – paid monthly)
    • 25% Profit Sharing for Advertisers (for life of contact – paid monthly)
    • 25% Profit Sharing for Licenses (for life of contact – paid monthly
    • 25% Tech, Internet & Software Development
    • 50% Profit Sharing for assisting your Full Service Subscribers (for life of contact – paid monthly)
    • 100% Profit Sharing for your own online stores in NewPORTAL
    • 100% Profit Sharing for your own crowdfunding in NewPORTAL
    • 100% Profit Sharing for donations in NewPORTAL
  2. Unlimited earning potential with no caps automatically deposited into your account on a monthly basis


  1. VP’s: Experienced National VP’s & Managers may qualify for community development of entire region
    1. National VP’s Receive Equity Shares on a performance basis
  2. Niche minded Contributors/Leaders must focus within their existing niche and to their specific niche audience
  3. Starting a new project or expanding an existing company/organization 


Includes valuable live training and live support

Tasks, Goals

  1. Build your data base of targeted individuals, companies & organizations
  2. Engage targeted individuals, companies & organizations
  3. Effect positive change, participate in events, corporations, and start ups by utilize NewPORTAL’s all-in-one Funding Programs, Business Tools & Resources = 40+ Business Tools… more Productive & Profitable than combining FaceBook, SalesForce, KickStarter, Ecommerce, Tele-Marketing, Email-Marketing, News Releases, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter

Rules of Engagement:

  1. You are responsible to effect positive impact with your respective position
  2. Complaints, Drama, Mediocrity or Negativity will not be tollerated and is cause for removal from this community development program
  3. Always be prepared
  4. Keep your commitments and be punctual
  5. You are NOT an employee
  6. You are a contracted collaborator working as larger team of community developers just like you
Interested parties contact,
Joshua Joseph



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