… you are invited to participate in a very special team to perfect a Social Movement of Visionaries & Support Systems.

The goal is to disburse Funds & Opportunities to Visionaries, Inventors and Change Makers.

The Movement includes Education, Cash Flow, Data Base Management, Angels, Celebrities, Community Centers, Capital, Communications and 40+ Consolidated Technologies…

We are seeking:

  • Mobile APP Development
  • Graphic Web Design
  • Data Base Marketing/Management Development
  • Film or Story Writer
  • Public relations & Media


  • Team participants receive priceless benefits plus generous revenue on a profitability basis.
  • This exclusive/limited opportunity allows you to use your skills in a massive social movement.
  • Celebrities, Media, Community Centers and Social Entrepreneurs await your kind reply..



Two Global Problems:

  1. Businesses, non-profits and organizations globally waste far too much effort, time & money for public relations, sales, marketing, admin, and contact relationship management.
  2. The other problem is not enough cash flow and capital.

One Integral Solution:

  1. Education and Support Systems:
    • “Earn as you Learn programs” provide the latest empowerment in leadership, team building and business organization.
    • All classes are simulcast live via radio and webinars.
  2. Team Building:
    • We train and support startups, businesses, organizations and celebrity causes by facilitating NON-MLM versions of enthusiasm and expansion similar to Amway minus mlm issues of any kind.
  3. Technology, Communications and Data Base Management:
    • We help build teams, business plans, & fund projects via Education, Angels,, Data Bases, Cash Flow, Capital, Communications and 40+ Consolidated Technologies…
  4. Cash Flow:
    • Via unlimited programs & training for for Jobs, Stores, Service, Donations, Advertising, Investments, Subscriptions, Crowdfunding, Ideas & Development, Etc…
  5.  Capital:
    • Ever increasing investor relationships
    • Ever increasing investor contacts in our data base



Joshua Joseph

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