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  • This page is in process of being recovered because during final week of December 2014 mistakenly cancelled our web sites & lost all our data files.
    • Why are you promoting a B$B?
      • Our B$B is a celebrity/charity project to help contestants & yourself experience a dream breakfast with favorite celebrities
      • 100% of every single donation are used to support your favorite cause or charity via your favorite celebrities
    • What causes or charities do you support?
      • We support any good and ethical cause or charity! Including but not limited to Make a Wish Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, United Way, Free sustainability, etc
    • How long has B$B been in existence?
      • We have been working towards sustainability since 2005 via various projects
      • B$B is a new subsidiary of a Humanitarian Company and a Non-profit organization:
        • Free sustainability (non-profit) Established January 2014
        • Pay It Forward Anastasia (Humanitarian Company) Established June 2012
        • You can read our full story by clicking “About Us” in our web site
    • Are there any B$B winners to date?
      • We have invested many years & approximately $100,000 of our own monies to fund this great movement,
      • Our 1st charity winner will be announced May 2015
      • Join us in donating $1,000,000,000.00 to favorite causes and charities
    • When are winners awarded and notified?
      • Winners will be awarded starting May 2015 and every Six Months thereafter
    • How much &/or What percentage of proceeds are actually dispersed direct to causes and charities?
      • 100% of all donations and proceeds are given in two checks during each Billion Dollar Celebrity Breakfast
    • How do I select my favorite Cause, Celebrity or Charity to donate to?
      • Each breakfast displays the current participating celebrity
      • Every good cause is important! Upon donating, our system will request that you select your favorite Charity or Cause
      • Participating celebrity has the final voice as to which cause or charity to support
      • Our staff will personally contact all winners to assist as to which charity/cause has been selected
      • Billion Dollar Breakfast maintains a neutral position
    • What if my favorite Cause, Charity or Celebrity is not yet participating?
      • You are welcome to invite any Charity or Celebrity if your favorite is not yet participating
    • What about my favorite Celebrity? What is required for him/her?
      • Your favorite celebrity simply enjoys breakfast with his/her winning fan, will be provided full security, and B$B hand each celebrity two checks totaling 100% of all combined donations over breakfast, as a great way to start the day.Thank you for your patience as we rebuild every page inch by inch and little by little

        • Donate or participate in your preferred donation button in either page in our site
        • You can donate as many $1 entry points as you are comfortable
        • Each $1 donation gives you one entry point
        • Click Here to Register for email updates and email your ideas for a dream breakfast with your favorite Celebrity
        • Post your ideas or causes to help humanity or planet above in our social media buttons on far top right corner of this web site
        • The best ideas will be judged by our panel of judges
        • Winners are selected by a combination of best idea to help humanity or planet, plus sharing in social media links above, and as your entry donation # is selected
        • Each participant is provided a unique (#) code number for every $1 donation. Winner will be contacted immediately via the contact info provided to us upon donating


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