Prospectus – Executive Summary

  • Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure and Non-Circumvent Rules apply
  • Due Diligence, Subscription/Operating Agreements available upon request


  1. Section 1: Private Offering
  2. Section 2: Tax Credits
  3. Section 3: Revenue Forecast (2015-2033)
  4. Section 4: Target Markets – Partnerships – Revenue Potential
  5. Section 5: Business Plan
  6. Section 6: Use of Funds
  7. Section 7: Executive Team

Section 1: Private Offering

We are registered in Nevada as an LLC and as a Non Profit Organization:

  • Our LLC is Pay It Forward Anastasia
  • Our Non Profit Organization is Free Sustainability
  • Regulation-D / Section 32
  • Seeking: $50,000 combined total for 12 months operations and full market launch of Cooperative Platform of Sustainability Partnerships and CrowdFunding Social Media APP Platform.

Founding Equity Partner shares $10 per (Membership Interest)

Company Standings

  • We are Debt Free
  • As is Company Value = $1,141,500

Section 2: Tax Credits

  • You can invest via our LLC or
  • You can donate via our Non–Profit

Section 3: Revenue Forecast (2015 – 2033)

Total Annual Market Revenue is $2,986,776,000,000. Our goal is to reach 1% of market by 2033.

  • 2015 of 1% of combined annual market potential = $57,000
  • 2016 of 1% of combined annual market potential = $113,936
  • 2017 of 1% of combined annual market potential = $227,872
  • 2018 of 1% of combined annual market potential = $455,745
  • 2019 of 1% of combined annual market potential = $911,491
  • 2020 of 1% of combined annual market potential = $1,822,983
  • 2021 of 1% of combined annual market potential = $3,645,966
  • 2022 of 1% of combined annual market potential = $7,291,933
  • 2023 – 1/1,024 of 1% of combined annual market potential = $14,583,867
  • 2024 – 1/512 of 1% of combined annual market potential = $29,167,734.
  • 2025 – 1/256 of 1% of combined annual market potential = $58,335,468
  • 2026 – 1/128 of 1% of combined annual market potential = $116,670,937.
  • 2027 – 1/64 of 1% of combined annual market potential = $233,341,875.
  • 2028 – 1/32 of 1% of combined annual market potential = $466,683,750.
  • 2029 – 1/16 of 1% of combined annual market potential = $933,367,500.
  • 2030 – 1/8 of 1% of combined annual market potential = $1,866,735,000.
  • 2031 – ¼ of 1% of combined annual market potential = $3,733,470,000.
  • 2032 – ½ of 1% of combined annual market potential = $7,466,940,000.
  • 2033 – 1% of combined annual market potential = $14,933,880,000.

Section 4: Target Markets – Partnerships – Revenue Potential

Total Annual Market Revenue is $2,986,776,000,000. Our goal is to reach 1% of market by 2033

  1. Foundations, Non profits via our own call centers from home
  2. Currently there are 1,036,255 public charities; 100,796 private foundations; 370,180 other types of nonprofits in America
  3. In 2012, public charities reported over $1.65 trillion in total revenues
  4. Icons & Corporations via our own call centers from home
  5. Corporate giving to non profits held steady in 2013 at $16.76 billion
  6. Educative/ Entertainment Events & Road Shows –
  7. Revenue $25Billion, Employment 211,076, Businesses 68,774
  8. CrowdFunding programs –
  9. The $5.1 Billion Future Of Crowdfunding Is More Than Kickstarter
  10. The average raise among all forms of crowdfunding is $111,000 per project
  11. Small Business Mentoring & Education – TBD
  12. Marketing & Public Relations – Green Project Campaign Management
  13. Free of charge as our catalyst to make our message and movement strong enough to reach 1Billion people
  14. General & Promo Item Online Stores – /
  15. This statistic gives information on retail e-commerce sales in the United States from 2013 until 2018. In 2014, retail e-commerce sales amounted to 305.65 billion US dollars and are projected to grow to 493.89 billion US dollars in 2018.
  16. Online Tours & Travel
  17. Statistic shows the projected domestic and international travel expenditures in the United States from 2011 to 2017. Total travel expenditure in the U.S. was forecasted to reach 1,021 billion U.S. dollars by 2016.
  18. Mobile Development, Internet related services, Design & Web development
  19. Self Sustaining Community Development consisting of the following segments:
  20. Engineering Firm –
  21. Clean Energy (solar, wind, thermo dynamic) –
  22. Hotel Resort Services –
  23. Affordable Housing –
  24. Online & Traditional Businesses
  25. Rain Water Catchments –
  26. Organic Farming (permaculture) –
  27. Fish Farming (aquaponics) –


Section 5: Business Plan 

We are launching The Most Useful Green Business Card in The World.

Our Sustainability Partnerships Card helps you Become More Socially & Environmentally Responsible by Simplifying & Consolidating all your Eco Priorities, Schedules, Events, Sites, Tools & Resources.

It also Helps you Promote & can Multiply your Sustainable Contacts from 1,000 contacts to 1,000,000 contacts with 90 days

1) 1st – Sample #1: Your project is shared to 1k contacts which share to 100 each = 100k contacts
2nd – Next your 100k contacts will share to approx 100 = 10M
3rd – Those 10M will share to approx 100 = 1Billion Like-minded Contacts
4th – and so on
2) 1st – Sample #2: Your project is shared to 10k contacts which share to 100 each = 1M contacts
2nd – Next your 1M contacts will share to approx 100 = 100M contacts
3rd – and so on
3) 1st – Sample #3: Your project is shared to 30k contacts which share to 100 each = 3M contacts
2nd – Next your 3M contacts will share to approx 100 = 300M contacts
3rd – and so on
4) 1st – Sample #4: Your project is shared to 100k contacts which share to 100 each = 10M contacts
2nd – Next your 10M contacts will share to approx 100 = 1B contacts


  1. Name, Phone, Your Own Logo logo
    Your Email hyperlink,
    Your Location hyperlink,
    Your Website or Store hyperlink,
    Your CrowdFunding hyperlink,
    Your Brochure hyperlink,
    All your Social media page hyperlink
    Shared Jobs Page hyperlink,
    Shared Events Page hyperlink,
    Your Calender & Appointments hyperlink,
  2. Feature rich to share with all contacts via text, social media & email
  3. Sign up button for new subscribers


  1. Security & privacy is extremely prioritized.
  2. Our S.P. Card is a powerful easy to use APP & Site hosted at
  3. User friendly for all devices, from large TV screens, Pads, Computers & smart phones
  4. Subscribers will share their own project via our S.P. Card to their data bases & contacts via email, text, social media, push notification, etc,
  5. We are targeting 1Billion+ subscribers
  6. Subscribers will be automatically listed & categorized into an interactive green directory of sustainability partnerships
  7. Your Sustainability Partnerships Card is also a social media platform of sustainability partnerships designed to simplify & consolidate your priorities, funding programs, tools & resources to become more socially & environmentally responsible
  8. Your participation will help make this the largest green cooperative of sustainability partnerships; niches, solutions, tools and resources on earth
  9. We will launch a free subscription for six months, and $1 per monthly thereafter
  10. Sample: 20 million subscribers = $20M per month

Continued: Section 5: Business Plan

  • We are on track to reach 1 Billion People
  • We partner with green visionaries to develop, fund & launch other people’s green projects so that together we help more people to become more social & environmentally responsible


  • Facebook’s: 1 Billion Social Media subscribers:
    • $2.25 cents per each subscriber annual average
    • $2.25 Billion gross annual from 1 Billion subscribers
    • Facebook’s platform has very successful in attracting investment capital and reportedly 1 billion subscribers. However they are still behind in terms of generating actual revenue.
  • T-Mobile’s: 200 Million Cell Phone subscribers
    • $1,176.00 per each subscriber annual average
    • $235 Billion gross annual revenue from just 200 million subscribers
  • Our Comparison: 200 Million Social Media & Multiple Revenue Stream subscribers
    • S.P. can provide its social media subscribers with jobs and life empowerment
    • Better yet  provides each subscriber with multiple S.P. business products & service revenue streams to generate unlimited monthly income
    • S.P. subscribers can use the built in revenue streams within CPSP’s Social Media Funding Platform to sell into their own sphere of influence, including friends and family.
    • Our goal is to support 200 Million S.P. subscribers to earn and surpass $1,000 monthly each = $200,000,000,000 monthly
    • S.P. can pay out 50% commissions and thereby earn same $200 Billion monthly
    • S.P. annual gross revenue potential = $2.4 Trillion

Section 6: Use of Funds

We are seeking $50,000 total for twelve months operations and full market launch as follows:

  • Operations
  • Events
  • Road Shows
  • Online & Onsite Products and Services as listed in sections 4 & 5 above ___________________

Section 7: Executive Team

Construction Project manager: Architect Mario Alvarez President of Costa Rica’s Board of Architects and Engineers, 2009-11, 47 years experience

Civil Engineer: Carlos Kaune, German engineering with 48 years experience in project management, construction.

Permitting: Architect Carlos Proti Executive Director of Costa Rica’s Housing and Urban Development

Master Architect: Doug Kelly III has designed around the globe; he finished #1 designer in his class, and has worked on projects with architectural geniuses. Doug Kelly’s resort designs have received FOUR DIAMOND AWARDS. He has traveled around the world twice retired as a successful architect many years ago. He is 73 years young, last year he came out of retirement to complete his opus Anastasia Estate as his greatest and most sustainable work ever.

CFO: Gary O. Shelton’s knowledge of supplier development, supplier diversity, merger & acquisition, joint venture, financial issues and his professional, dynamic delivery of provocative messages centered on small business make him a highly sought-after keynote and seminar speaker. He has served as keynote speaker, and panelist for a number of businesses, and organizations such as Coca Cola, Chrysler, Southern California Edison, California High Speed Rail Authority, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Congressional Black Caucus, Michigan Minority Business Development Council (MMBDC), African World Expo (AWE), University of Southern California Small Business Clinic, California SBDC Orange County, Devry University, Keller School of Management, Consumer Federation of America, National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC), Rainbow Push Wall Street Project, National Baptist Convention USA, and many others.

Founder: Joseph Flores is Bilingual Spanish with multicultural experience, 49 years experience in business development, training, management, public speaking, sales and marketing. Joseph was a guest on various television shows and hosted his own radio programs discussing various topics; Christianity, business, team building, and self improvement. Joseph founded and operated various businesses such as: United Services of America, Local Motions, Americas Money Magazine, Neighborhood Incentives, and National Home Loans. He ranked #1 in the world in most corporations he worked with since 1992. Joseph also founded a Men Team organization and is still active in helping humanity. He was president of United States Business Assistance Agency. Mr. Flores assisted in political campaigns with successful results for Congressman Joe Baca, Tony Cardenas and others. His experiences and mindset are keys that developed International Developments and Investments from $80,000 in August 2005 into a multi-million dollar organization within just 48 months: (49 years team building, financing, business telecommunications and technology, radio – print – and television advertising, public speaking, team player with strong track record and significant achievements to date, experienced project management with multiple skills. Currently Joseph has added new members to form his most comprehensive team ever. The new team will bring us $Billions in revenue via non-profit and humanitarian support systems; self sustaining communities, subsidized businesses, farms, lands, homes, clean energy, profit sharing and more.

Vice President: Christopher Link, senior project manager for JV Drivers contract with Exxon in charge of 1680 construction & development staff in Alberta Canada.

Internet and Web Development: Sam Khan is our head of multiple internet and web development tasks including SEO, SEM, PHP, Ecommerce, Digital Design, PSD, HTML, CSS, Responsive Web Development, WordPress, Joomla, Javascript,

Mobile and APP Development: Hhurman is in charge of taking our organization viral via events and road shows by using cutting edge smart mobile phone engagement to our target audiences

Steering Committee

  • Larry Aguayo – Music Production
  • Abin Griffin – Music Production
  • Goldie Smitlener – Film Production
  • David Brown & Jopyce Banks – Organic Farming
  • Papa Byrd – Off Grid Advisor
  • Karita – Sales & Support
  • Randi Randoloh – Design and Land Development

CPA & Legal information available upon request:

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